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Jenna Stephen

 Health Coach
        Jenna became a health coach through the Integrative Institute for Nutrition.  Here she was trained in holistic approaches to improve overall wellness.  The classes were taught by some of the world's top health and wellness experts.  She gained her Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness at  Gardner-Webb University where she studied areas such as nutrition, behavior change, exercise prescription, program planning, anatomy/physiology, and kinesiology.  Her previous experience as a personal trainer and Division I athlete has set the stage and fueled her passion for healthy living lifestyle. 


      My heart is to help you achieve your wellness goals on your journey to a healthy and balanced life.  My hope is to help guide you through the process as you start this adventure with thirst wellness. 

Swim Instructor
        Jenna studied under Joy McGinty at Southwest Aquatics in Orlando.  She became certified through PediaSwim where she learned to teach infants, toddlers, and children to swim-float-swim in order to prevent drownings in many different situations.

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