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          "Starting the swim classes I was very nervous. My baby can float about the same as a rock and truly had no conception of what drowning was and was therefore fearless. I was also concerned if he would stop liking the water if I got him into survival swim lessons. After working with Jenna these last few weeks, my son is amazing in the water and he absolutely loves it too!
          As a mother you have this journey with your child that’s so emotional, especially when it comes to something like this, but in any case of seeing your child growing and learning and I have to say it was really amazing to share that with Jenna. This is because you could tell that she takes this journey with you; every time your baby grows and learns each step she gets excited with you as she is just as invested in seeing him succeed. 
          Jenna definitely puts all of her heart into her work and that’s why I think my son responded so well to these lessons. You have to trust her and the process because she knows what she’s doing and does it really well. In addition, there’s no “set process” she really adapted and responded to what my son needed in each step of the way. Honestly, my son screamed in the beginning just because it was someone he didn’t know and was uncomfortable. But now it’s heartwarming to watch his reaction of when Jenna walks up to the pool and he gets excited and grabs her hand to go in. And the best part of all is that I know that if all other safety precautions fail, he will be safe in the water God forbid anything were to happen.
          Thanks so much Jenna for equipping my son with such an important skill that will last a lifetime!"

                                                                               - Sabrina        


          "Ms. Jenn is a fantastic swim coach.  She helped my little guy go from being very scared and timid in the water to the point of loving and clapping during every swim lesson.  She is kind, gentle, and very comforting for children to swim with.  My son asks to swim with Ms. Jenn almost everyday, and he runs to her when he starts his lesson.  We highly recommend Ms. Jenn to anyone looking for swim lessons!"

                                                                               - Alisha 

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